Does theia have plans to develop its own extensions marketplace? Thank you

Hi all, I just used Theia for several days. I hava a question. Does theia have plans to develop its own extensions marketplace? For example, develop your own, or integrate vscode marketplace in the IDE? Is there such a milestone plan? Although it is not complicated to manually copy or upload .vsix files, if it is integrated into this market, it should be more efficient for developers. Thanks.

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Yes, we are working on it. It should be up and running by end of March. MS prohibit to use VS Code marketplace to any products except VS family. Please see this project for details:


Thanks a lot. Hope we can use it soon.

What form will the Open VSX Registry (which is an alternative to the Visual Studio Marketplace) release at the end of March? Will theia release a new version that integrate this extension market? Speaking of the user experience, is it possible for developers to search, install, and uninstall plug-ins through the search box in the IDE, similar to how they are used in vscode? The main reason for asking this question is that quite a few of our developers have been using vscode before, but vscode does not solve some web coding scenarios. If we let everyone switch to theia, the usage habits need to be basically consistent with the habits that developers have formed before, so that everyone can accept them more easily.

A UI to search and install VS Code extensions will be provided as well: Going to look into landing it this/next week.


Will this feature(a UI to search and install VS Code extensions) be officially released in the coming new version of Theia? Will the marketplace and related plugins be provided together? Or will we need to build a server by ourselves to deploy and manage the plugins on it in the future? Thanks.

There will be the default public marketplace and it will be used by default.

A preliminary domain: