Does Theia support log after package to ecutable application?


  1. My product is based on theia blueprint. we build and yarn electron start, everything is ok.
  2. but when I yarn package it to exe in Windows, I install the exe and can not start it. I spend a lot of time to check where is the error, but I still can not find it, it seems that the packaged application does not have a log. I do not know where is the error.
  3. Until one day I build and install the application in Linux, and I see an error appear on linux terminal telling me that a special file I used in my application is not found, and I know why my Windows application can not start.
  4. In windows, application will not log errors into a terminal like linux. does theia application have a log system to log error info? or it will be hard to find the error after package to an executable exe.

Hi @wss,

you can just start the application through a terminal on Windows (like powershell). The log will then appear in the terminal like on Linux.

got it, thanks
if I want to log something to file in my application, should I implement my log system? or their can offer builtin log system?