DOM element ID field not unique for tab bar entries

I happened to notice that the element ID’s for the items in the tab bar isn’t unique.
The vertical tab bar and hidden horizontal tab bar’s children share the same ID.

Shouldn’t element ID be unique across the DOM?

I see this in both v1.27.0 and v1.29.0.

I would be more than happy to submit a PR addressing this issue.

@msujew @vince-fugnitto any thoughts?

@akhileshraju in theory I believe it should be unique to the entire document, I’m not sure however if there will be unintended side effects of the change. However, please feel free to look into it if you’d like :+1:

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Fixed via PR Tab bar - Add suffix to hidden tab bar 'li' elements by akhileshraju · Pull Request #11622 · eclipse-theia/theia · GitHub