Dose disassembly view support settting breakpoint?

I need set breakpoint in disassembly view, I use 1.32.0 currently, I find It can not be set breakpoint in theia debug disassembly view, I look at Visual Studio Code C++ July 2021 Update: Disassembly View, Macro Expansion and Windows ARM64 Debugging - C++ Team Blog .
Is there any plan to implement set breakpoint in theia debug disassembly view in future?

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what is mean of @colin-grant-work

It is possible to add instruction breakpoints using the disassembly view (from here in the disassembly view, you end up here in the debug session), but that functionality isn’t very well tested, and the specific behavior will depend on the debug adapter you’re using. Can you provide some details about your use case? What debugger / plugin are you using to do your debugging?

Thank your very much for your replay, I use cdt-gdb-adapter as the adapter. In my project it is cdt-gdb-vscode plugin. your mean that cdt-gdb-adapter did not support InstructionBreakpoints currently?

Yes, looking at the CDT-GDB Adapter, I don’t see any specific handling for instruction breakpoints, and the current capability response does not indicate support for instruction breakpoints. The UI should respond accordingly - if the debug session doesn’t support instruction breakpoints, they shouldn’t be shown as an option (the allowBreakpoint flag should be false here). Are you seeing hovers for breakpoints, even when running an adapter that can’t handle them?