Dose Theia support native language support?

Recently I read the source code of a vscode extension: cpptools which uses the vscode-nls library to support the nls. But the vscode-nls says its primary use case is for VSCode extensions. So, I’m looking for some ways to add the nls into my Theia application. Any suggestions? Really appreciate:)

Hi @inlann,

Theia can be localized using the nls.localize method which is exposed through the @theia/core/lib/browser/nls import. This API is quite new and documentation on it is quite sparse. Also, Theia itself isn’t completely translated yet. See the appropriate issue #10188 in the Theia repo which shows which features are still in review.

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That’s really helpful! We’ll keep an eye out for Theia updates :grin:

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