Dropping native debug extensions

It seems that Microsoft made access to VS Code marketplace more strict and we cannot pull anonymously VS Code extensions anymore. Requests fail with Request was blocked due to exceeding usage of resource ‘Count’ in namespace ‘AnonymousId’. It is required for our native debug extensions and breaking our builds, so we decided to drop them in favor of running VS Code extensions directly. VS Code debug API is already well covered and tested. PR is here: https://github.com/theia-ide/theia/pull/6113

[original thread by Anton Kosyakov]

I would rather we try to replace the marketplace downloads with alternate sources and keep the Theia extensions. If we want to lremove the extensions we should first deprecate them, to give a heads-up to adopters that are using them so they can update their applications.

I’ll prepare a PR that replaces the marketplace links

For Che, we’ve been running into this issue for some time. Our solution is to use alternative sources for the download (github release pages, for example) or to download the extensions and host them on our own github repos.