E2E test presentation in next Theia dev call

After the discussion we had on the last dev call, I’ve asked Radim Hopp, our QE lead to give a 15 min. presentation on the e2e testing efforst going on for Che. I’ve added and Agenda item. Please object if you think that’s a bad idea.

[original thread by Thomas Mäder]

I’m fine to learn more. @svenefftinge is away for next 2 weeks.

I had a short discussion with Sven about proposal from @marc-dumais and @paul-marechal to inject tests via DI. An idea is that we will have one new extension with a special entry point frontendTest which points to a DI module loading mocha tests, this extension is added to the example apps and then apps are started in the special test mode. It should be possible as well to provide grep to run an individual test case and have a launch configuration to debug a single file with one click. With such approach we don’t need any aditoinal UI frameworks and devs can maitain integration tests in the same way as usual code.

I think the similar approach was adopted by SAP already. cc @amiramw

Aren’t the calls recorded anyway?

as far as i’m aware, not, maybe one of participant can do it, not sure whether other would be fine with it


Yes. We did something similar. We interfered with the generated DI modules to expose the container thought global entry point API.


But it’s pretty fragile so if there is a standard way to do such API tests I would prefer it.

@amiramw I’ve prototyped here: https://github.com/theia-ide/theia/pull/5654

Folks, we unexpectedly got an red-hat all-hands meeting at 16:30 CEST.

Can we start the call today with Radim’s presentation?

Thanks for the presentation today. Link to slides: https://redhat.slides.com/rhopp/testing-of-eclipse-che-5?token=0ynYGk2Z