Eclipse Theia v1.18.0 Release

Hi everyone :wave:,

The Eclipse Theia v1.18.0 release is scheduled for later today, there is still time to merge low-risk pull-requests if necessary.

We will inform you when the release starts.


The release has now started! Please do not merge any pull-requests at this time.

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The release has been completed!
Thank you to everyone who helped contribute to this month’s release :+1:


Hello. Will you publish a Docker image as with previous releases?

As v16 and 17 broke the custom tree views for our open source project this is the first version that works again and such an image would be really useful for our test automation.

Thanks and best regards,

@phaumer unfortunately not, please see the following issue for more information:

As I mentioned in the past already, it would be better to maintain your own docker image for your test automation and not rely on the ones present on dockerhub (they were only examples to reference for you to build your own image).

@vince-fugnitto thanks. I did not realize.

From my point of view I do not fully understand the focus on Blueprint. Why would I use Theia on the desktop if there is already VSCodium and VS Code itself? I see the strength of Theia in running in containers and in Che.

Blueprint is not dedicated exclusively to the desktop - we are working on a packaged browser version, fit for easy inclusion in e.g. Docker images.

That being said, the real value of Blueprint may not be as a generic replacement for products such as those you mentioned, but rather as a more polished example IDE app that can be easily white-labelled and customised for one’s needs, vs VS Code and derivatives. From that PoV, both the desktop and browser versions are both interesting, I think.