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I don’t want to say that theia is any bad but I played with IntelliJ IDEA on github for 2 to 3 months and it has features of editing the IDE acoording to your own way. Should I expect features like this. Like the the electron porject file or like that? Or I can already do it

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Could you specify more in detail on what you have in mind with " editing the IDE acording to your own way"?


I mean like editing the interface. The sidebar width length. I mean like if you take a look at android studio. (Just for example) it is built on IntelliJ IDEA but is so different. So what i mean is that change anything


What can we change right now although?

In theory everything is customizable and extensible in the framework, not only UI elements but also underlying behaviour, services and interfaces. If you’re measuring how different applications can be which all use Theia, take a look at the differences between these 3 real-world Theia-based products:

It is Java based, control by one company which targets mainstream developers. I spent half an year (if not more) making Xtext run on Intellij via the custom plugin to find out that they broke it with next release.

The issue is that they don’t target product builders and IntelliJ was never a platform to build domain specific products like Eclipse RCP.

We particularly want to provide a platform similar to Eclipse RCP but with use of up to date web tech. I don’t see how IntelliJ is relevant here.


I find it a lot same. Intellij platform.is made extensively to suit their needs and whatever you make , you have to make around it. Like Android Studio (Its like app code). I never explored theia that much but grt thanx for information. @anton-kosyakov


And also a thanks to you mate @vince-fugnitto

@arijit265 I meant that they care more about their needs and if it suits them to change it to support more products, they won’t care much about 3rd party products or plugins. It was my experience. You can build on it given that you have tight collaboration with them and enough devs to eliminate breakage.

Fairly, we have similar issue with VS Code in Theia, but we try to hide it from end products, like accessing internal services. Hopefully there will be less of such breakage as we align more and more with them.


Actually IDE is a very specific software and it changes from company to company theia still gives a lot:)