Editor features not available

I am trying out theia browser (@theia/example-browser 1.2.0) on windows but the main features like “Call Hierarchy”, “Goto Decleration”, “Goto Definition” etc are all greyed out. I gave a try with Java and C, multiple projects but so far have not seen these menus active. (Screenshot attached).
Also tried electron desktop version but there also menus like “View” > “Call Hierarchy”, “Outline” etc do not seem to do any functions.
Any suggestions what could be going wrong?


@Ratheesh.P you will need to add appropriate vscode extensions to support language features for the languages you are interested in. By default, in the example browser we have support for typescript language features only.

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@vince-fugnitto thanks a lot for your reply.
I have one more question. In a real world scenario what could be an ideal workflow to work with cloud IDE?
For example, assuming we have SVN for config management, now developers create local workspace and do development.
If they have to work with cloud IDE, then they cannot access locally existing workspaces (as far as I understand).
I know it is an offtopic question but any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

@Ratheesh.P I believe you can open a new question on the forum for more visibility and others with more experience with developing a cloud solution can chime in (I personally do not have experience in designing or implementing the entire cloud workflow and it is a pretty big topic). The question is also not specific to Theia so you may find better resources online which answer the question more broadly.

Developer can submit code to SVN and check it out in cloud or local workspace. What do you mean cannot access existing workspaces? There are ways to access local services from remote workspaces, for instance: https://www.gitpod.io/blog/local-services-in-gitpod/

Hi @akosyakov, thanks for the hint, question was about how to access remote workspaces.