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The “save” operation is also recorded in the edit history, which means that both undo and redo have “save” and “undo save” steps. Is this a special design in Theia or a unmeant bug?

@inlann thank you for the discussion :+1:

Do you mind clarifying how you are testing, perhaps with reproduction steps?
Can you confirm if it is the same behavior when using vscode?

The reproduction of these two problems may not be easily triggered which means they could be my own operational or computer problems.

I tested the latest version(v1.18.0) of Theia and I recorded these two problems:

  1. Can’t Redo after Save repeatedly. Reproduction steps:

  2. Editing history will record the ‘Save’ action. Reproduction steps:

    The first Undo action did not work(or it did an Unsave action) after four Saves.

Maybe you need to repeat the combination of ‘save’, ‘undo’ and ‘redo’ several times to trigger these two problems since I’m not sure if they are my operational or computer problems or bugs of Theia. :disappointed_relieved:
Looking forward to your reply.

Looking forward to your reply.

@inlann thanks for the follow-up, unfortunately I was unable to reproduce the issues you were experiencing :pensive: Both use-cases work well for me, and in practice should not occur frequently in any case.

That’s ok. I think it may be my computer problem. Don’t worry, I will also keep an eye out for these two cases in subsequent development.