Electron with VSIX plugins

Hello all,
I’m working in order to reuse the VSIX plugins defined for VSC (and consumed by the browser version of Theia) with Electron.
After a quick look into the package.json file (in the Electron folder) seems that for some reasons plugins aren’t working fine with Electron - and they are actually disabled (here the link: https://github.com/theia-ide/theia/blob/master/examples/electron/package.json).
I’d like to understand which is the issue/limitation and maybe address some activities to resolve it (I wasn’t able to found the related issue on GH - but I can create one if necessary).
Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

[original thread by Andrea Zaccaro]

@andzac I’ve never had a look myself how plugins working in Electron. Could you try to enable and see? or at least file an issue, we need to do. Maybe @florentbenoit can provide more info on state of Theia plugins support in Electron.

[Andrea Zaccaro]

Hi Anton, sure!

[Andrea Zaccaro]

Good morning, I applied to followed steps:

  1. grabbed latest version of Theia (master repository)

  2. yarn + build electron script and run Theia with Electron without plugin capability enabled (cmd:“yarn run theia”)-- it works fine

  3. modified the package.json into the example/electron folder
    a. enabled “@theia/plugin-ext” : “^0.4.0” and “@theia/plugin-ext-vscode”: “^0.4.0”
    b. changed the version of @theia/typehierarchy to “0.5.0-next.8ff594a1” – in the package.json was defined as 0.4.0 but I got an issue when I tried to install all the dependencies,

  4. run the npm install inside the browser/electron folder to retreive the updated dependencies

  5. run the electron rebuild script

  6. run Theia with cmd “yarn run theia”
    After this point Theia IDE with Electron is not working anymore. (see the snapshot below)
    I made the test using a CentOS machine.
    Let me know if I missed smth

[Andrea Zaccaro]

can you do a small test for me? can you try by simply not adding the @theia/typehiearchy in your package.json, I’m afraid if it pulls some incompatible versions