Encouraging and recognizing different contributions to Theia

I’m going to add following users to Theia org since they were active on issues, reviews, spectrum discussions or commited something:

If you feel that your or somebody else is missing, let me know. Useful links to check contributions by a user:

I’m aslo going to work on documentation of encouraging, recongnizing and rewarding different kind of contributions to Theia (not only PRs).

[original thread by Anton Kosyakov]

Also we should add all existing Eclipse Theia committers

All added. One can switch org visibility to show its belonging to the organization on GitHub account page.

Here are a few candidates that have contributed nice things to the theia-apps repo: satishbabariya dwjbosman jgbradley1 uniibu sr229 jgroom33 JamesDrummond

I’ve also studied a bit government model of Gatsbyjs, since Sven mentioned it. And actually in addition to encouraging different kind of contributions, they use teams and they have core team of maintainers which are assigned as code owners to everything. I suggest that we create such team, e.g. @theia/core or @theia/maintainers or @theia/collaborators (like in nodejs). We can auto populate it with all Eclipse Theia Committers, to be clear that maintance help is expected if you want write access. Or we can have another election via nominating someone or itself via GitHub issue. I would prefer the former to integrate nicely with Eclipse rules instead of inventing own.

@marc-dumais i also found an announcement that GitHub now has beta feature to provide Maintainer access, not Admin. So one can manage teams and so on, but don’t have access to critical actions. Maybe Eclipse Foundation could use it for us?


Also there is Triage role, it can be used for example for contributors (i.e. not responsible for landing PRs), so a contributor become anyone who did something for a project, it gets included in the organization and receives Triage roles, so it is read-onyl access on existing repos, but they can help with triaging issues.