Error installing theia@next this morning

When installing Theia@next packages this morning with yarn, I get the following issue that breaks our CI build.

Couldn’t find any versions for “@theia/filesystem” that matches “0.13.0-next.27cba600”

Getting this for lots of packages actually, yarn prompts me to choose a version for most packages.

I suppose there may be an issue in a recent push.

Should I lock to an earlier version?

Please advise

[original thread by Dominique Rochefort]

[Alex Tugarev]

Hi @dominique-rochefort! It was published just ~18min ago. Sometimes it happens to fail just because npmjs isn’t updating fast enough. A retry should help.

I see it published now, when doing “npm info @theia/filesystem”

[Dominique Rochefort]

Thanks, still the same issue. I’ll wait a bit an retry.

[Dominique Rochefort]

Sorry for the delay, this was resolved after waiting about 2 hours. Happened to be a temporary glitch.