Errors after updating to v1.25.0

After updating my application to the latest Theia version, it does not start anymore, but stays on the splash screen. In the Developer Tools’ console, I see two errors like the following:

Uncaught (in promise) Error: It looks like there is a circular dependency in one of the 'toDynamicValue' bindings. Please investigate bindings withservice identifier 'Symbol(FileDialogService)'. [...]

I removed all occurences of ‘toDynamicValue’ and ‘FileDialogService’ from my code, but the error persists. So it seems to be originating from the Theia codebase, but I was unable to find anything seemingly related in the changelog, nor any related topics.

I am pretty stumped. Does anyone have an idea what might be the cause here?

@cradke thanks for the discussion, it is difficult to tell without seeing your codebase, on master and v1.25.0 tag the error does not occur. Do you have a minimal example you can share that reproduces the problem? I’d also make sure to do a proper clean before rebuilding your application git clean -ffdx.

Hi @vince-fugnitto! D’oh, I was crossing my fingers for the solution to be more obvious. I don’t have a minimal example unfortunately, just this branch on my repo on which the error occurs (on clean builds):

@cradke I wasn’t able to identify the problem just looking at the code and errors, I would need to spend more time which I don’t have at the moment unfortunately. Were you able to identify the problem yourself in the meantime?

@vince-fugnitto thanks for having a look! I have by now traced the error back to the extension

"frontend": "lib/branding/browser/ves-branding-frontend-module",

So it’s my code after all. I will dig deeper and update the thread when I find the cause.

Edit: fixed the error by moving around some code.