Examples for building VSCode extension alongside theia instance

I’ve been packaging an old (now very old) theia along with custom language support for some time, and finally decided to adopt the latest theia, with all the @theia/languages -> VSCode language support changes.
The previous structure of my theia instance is using lerna to build the language server theia extension, and the dependent browser app. I’ve now split the actual language server into a VSCode extension, the frontend extensions into a theia extension, and finally the browser app consuming (via dependency) the extension, and hopefully installing the VSCode plugin.
Is there some mechanism (and hopefully examples) on how one builds and consumes the VSCode plugin, without the need to separate it out and build separately?
Or better yet, examples on providing language support using the new API but as a theia extension? We have no need to install the plugin elsewhere, outside of the context of our published theia.


I managed to solve the main problem soon after posting. I’m still separating the extension and language server (will hopefully merge as one plugin soon), packaging the plugin using vsce and then copying the packaged plugin to a predefined dir in the browser app as a part of the yarn build.

One notable thing missing is the workflow of launching a socket session against the language server as a separate process. Previously I was using "start:socket": "node ./src-gen/backend/main.js --LS_PORT=5008 --port=3000 --log-level=debug" however it looks like this is no longer a supported use case?