Extension Type

I’m following the Authoring Extensions guide to create my own extension, then it let me to choose the type of my extension, but I don’t know the differences between them.
Now I am trying to create an extension that has the ability to let users create a project using the wizard, which contains a frontend page and a backend to invoke the theia api and functions in other extensions, so which one should I choose?

@LamYunfu thank you for the discussion, the choice of extension is simply a starting guide, in theory any of them would be fine starting points (however the tree editor is quite specific). I believe good starting points for your use-case would be the backend communication template.

Some basic description of each type of extension is present on the readme:

It can certainly be improved :+1:

Thanks, I will try, and I have another question. As I know, we can create a folder and upload files by clicking the right mouse button. Is there any way that I can create a folder or upload files by using the theia api, in other words, I can create a folder and upload files by writing some codes. If there’s no api to do it, I think maybe I should use the node.js method.

@LamYunfu you can take a look at how these commands are implemented in the sources:

The new folder for example uses the FileService APIs (frontend) for it’s implementation. If you need to perform operations on the backend then you should use Node APIs. In addition, the upload files... command uses the FileUploadService.