Failed to resolve module after rename root Folder


  1. I download theia blueprint template project, and build and everything is OK.
  2. I delete follow modules in the node_modules folder
  3. I rename the root folder “theia-blueprint” to another name on disk. and build again, Failed to resolve module appears,
  4. It seem that theia-blueprint-product and theia-blueprint-updater extension are not build to node_modules folder
    Is there any place that needs to change after renaming the root folder?

Hey @wss,

theia-blueprint-product and theia-blueprint-updater are symlinks that point to projects in your repository. Usually lerna should reinstate them if they are deleted. Is there a special reason you delete the symlinks in the first place? I don’t believe that this would be necessary even if you rename the root folder.

I first delete symlinks because I want to ensure these symlinks can be created again automatically. I find my problem is that I run “yarn build” after deleting symlinks. this command does not create symlinks to node_modules, but when I just run “yarn” symlinks were created to node_modules.

@wss Yeah that makes sense, like I said lerna will recreate the symlinks, but yarn build usually only runs the TypeScript and webpack compilers.