Failed to resolve module: filenamify

Has anybody had this problem?when I build my Theia Ide by package.json and run ‘yarn’ command

yarn run v1.22.5
$ theia build --mode development
Failed to resolve module: filenamify
(node:83990) DeprecationWarning: Tapable.apply is deprecated. Call apply on the plugin directly instead

I saw the same message, but it wasn’t fatal, and the build still worked.


I still have the same message in 1.8.0.

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I am also getting similar warnings. What to do to fix this?

@kalyan3d We recently pushed a fixed for this in the Theia CLI, see Fix package resolving failure in CLI by msujew · Pull Request #11830 · eclipse-theia/theia · GitHub. It will be available in 1.32 or using the next version of the Theia CLI.

Thanks for the information