File Explorer/Navigator does not watch deleted/added files


I think there is an issue in the latest Theia 1.27, it does not refresh the files tree when adding new files or deleting one to/from the workspace. When pressing the Refresh icon on the top of the tree the files are updated correctly.

In version 1.26 all is working as expected.

Using Theia 1.27
Window 10
Browser Chrome

@safi we already have an issue on Github tracking this: Application does not respond to changes in user preferences on Windows · Issue #11442 · eclipse-theia/theia · GitHub

Adding files works normally,but deleting files still have this problem in the latest theia 1.30.0, I want to ask if there are some ways to solve this problem ?

@huangjmaggie For bug reports, please create a github issue with reproduction steps. Note that it seems to be a different issue, as I cannot reproduce it on Windows.

I have creted a github issue File Explorer/Navigator does not watch deleted files · Issue #11768 · eclipse-theia/theia · GitHub, Please help to solve this issue,thanks