FileSystemNodeOptions.moveToTrash type issue

In this file, it is found FileSystemNodeOptions.moveToTrash type is true and default value is also true. Should the type declaration use boolean instead of true?


export class FileSystemNodeOptions {

encoding: string;

recursive: boolean;

overwrite: boolean;

moveToTrash: true;

public static DEFAULT: FileSystemNodeOptions = {

    encoding: 'utf8',

    overwrite: false,

    recursive: true,

    moveToTrash: true



[original thread by Jacky Deng]

Makes sense to me, although for this kind of issue, you can definitely open an issue on the GitHub tracker.

[Jacky Deng]

OK. Just to confirm this is a real bug. Filed issue:

Paul, if it is ok, you can assign the issue to me and I will fix it soon.