Front-end not showing up?

I am using this next.package.json and i am not be able to see my front-end view on web is anyone here to help me ?

@vikashkachhawa when starting the application, what errors do you see in the browser’s console?
Also, not sure why you are using @theia/cpp it has been deprecated and will likely cause issues.

this is the error sir. and i deleted that line too.

@vikashkachhawa I can’t tell without looking at the entire file, but there are multiple extensions included which are deprecated and should be removed. It is not possible to mix and match @theia/ extension dependency versions (it causes multiple types of issues).

For example:

  • @theia/cpp
  • @theia/json
  • @theia/languages

You can take a look at deprecations in the changelog:

You can also take a look at the examples in theia-apps which have next versions of apps.
For example, the theia-full example (with support for multiple languages):

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okay sir now i am using your python docker example.