Get output

Is there a way to get the output of without needing to use TaskService to attach a terminal on the frontend? I am looking for something where I can use the taskId, terminalId to get its output.

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@vince-fugnitto @elaihau Could you help please?

[Eiso Kant]

Just adding a small note here in case anyone can give me some insight.

So you don’t need terminal?

You can also create a custom backend service and use nodejs api directly to spawn a process and gets it output. If this process does not require any integration with tasks or terminals.

[Eiso Kant]

Right now I setup websockets to a separate webserver which runs my command and returns the result. I was hoping there was a way of using tasks instead and catching the output without having a terminal window launched. It’s not key to what I am doing, I can work around it. My main blocker right now is but it seems you are on top of that.

I think tasks are always are run with terminal. @elaihau please correct me if i’m worng. If you are not intereseted into having a terminal then you are better to run own process with Node.js API. When you don’t need to deal with #5825.