Get the user workspace storage folder

I am using the red-hat extension for java, and I see it is compiling the java code into this folder:

I want to get this folder path for a command use, how can I get it?
Is it something related to the red-hat extension?
Is there a way to get this path “C:\Users\USER\.theia\workspace-storage\f537577b8ca3ad65e20a4cd994c4ef3a” at least ?


@safi thank you for the discussion! For more information, are you attempting to implement a theia extension or a vscode extension (plugin) which you wish to retrieve the content of the folder.

If you are implementing a vscode extension, I believe you can make use of the vscode storage API to retrieve the content (although this is to be tested as I’m not sure if extensions can read eachother’s contexts).

For additional information, I believe what you are looking for is RedHat Java setting the globalState:

Alternatively, you may try to simply recursively read the user configuration folder (ex: ~/.theia), until you determine what you’re looking for. Since I do not know the use-case I’m not sure this is a viable solution for you.