Git (built-in) Error


I was building theia 1.12.1 as an electron package. I had some issues with git and I also read there are plans to drop “@theia/git” in favor of “Git (built-in)”.
So I installed the vscode “Git (built-in)”. After the installation everything works fine but now I’m getting the following message every time theia starts.

Activating extension ‘Git (built-in)’ failed: i.window.registerFileDecorationProvider is not a function

I was wondering if there is a known fix for this issue?

@po thank you for the discussion, there is a pull-request currently under review to add the registerFileDecorationProvider.

In the meantime, you can use a previous version of the builtin that does not make use of this API:

@vince-fugnitto Thank you for the solution.