Gitlens new version

I am running Theia 1.30. and GitLens version 11.2.1 Is there a way to install the latest version of gitlens?

I installed the latest (13) from the vsix file and it is not loading correctly.

Hey @mcg1103,

Your version of GitLens not loading is likely related to missing/incomplete parts of the VSCode API implementation. We have a tracker for the next uplift of our VSCode extension API here.

You’re welcome to identify the missing parts of the API that are required by GitLens and contribute improvements that move towards better support for GitLens. This comparator contains an exthaustive listing of all (non-)supported API.

Thanks for the reply. What a big job trying to keep up with Vscode’s API.

I have not yet contributed to Theia. It is a bit intimidating large project. It would take me a while to get my noodle wrapped around it enough to contribute worthwhile code. Any advice on how to get started?