Google Cloud Shell's Theia IDE upgrade

i find the Google cloud shell IDE is quite buggy. Especially when the code collapse, expand and the outline sometime doesn’t show the functions/class i wrote.

Then i noticed the version theia-editor-for-cloudshell-preview 0.0.1 could be outdated compare to the official 1.0 ver.

Is there a way for me to upgrade my verson of Theia in google?

@weilies thank you for the question, unfortunately we do not control the maintenance and updates of downstream applications, we maintain and implement the framework for which the Cloud Should IDE is built upon. In order for it to be updated, you should probably reach out to the team who supports the IDE itself.

The following may be useful:

Thanks Vince, will reach them out!
What a promptly response and the IDE jz too cool! :laughing: