Help With The Timeline Chart

Hi everyone,

I am hoping to use the Theia timeline chart in a project. But I am unable to find any documentation on it to give me an idea if it supports all the features I want or if I will need to add some of the features myself. Is there any documentation out there that will quickly bring me up to speed on how the timeline chart works and is supposed to be used?

Thank you.


thanks for the interest in the timeline-chart library. I hope this library fits the needs of your project.

Unfortunately there has been no real documentation available. I took your question as opportunity to provide some documentation for the project. Please see this pull request.

The library is still under development and more features, improvements and fixes are currently being implemented.

The good news is, that the library is heavily used in the theia-trace-extension project. This project uses React.js in conjunction with the timeline-chart library. Many features and updates are triggered trough that project. I suggest that you checkout this project and how the library is used there.

If you have any suggestions, feedback or features please use the Github issue trackers to get involved in the project.

Best Regards
Bernd Hufmann


Thanks for your reply. I am currently going through the pull request and the project you are talking about. I will reach out if I have any more questions.

Best Regards,
Philip Okonkwo