Hi, is it possible to use a custom .npmrc in a theia project?

I’m trying out a simple npm install from a self-hosted theia instance (through docker image).
I created the .npmrc to point to a private registry for a specific scope, but it still tries to use the public registry not finding the package.

[original thread by Andrea Moretti]

Could it be that the shell which you configured for Theia does not pick up settings? Shell is configured like that: https://github.com/theia-ide/theia-apps/blob/9406d10dcf57ab0b438bd48a8d227743c8a06c5f/theia-docker/Dockerfile#L31

[Andrea Moretti]

It seems to pick the npmrc correctly when it is in the theia home folder, but not if it is in a project subfolder

Where did you create .npmrc?

It should go either in user settings: ~/.npmrc to apply for all projecst

Or into the project which needs it: /path/to/my/project/.npmrc

[Andrea Moretti]

I tried both approaches, and if it is in ~/.npmrc seems to work, while on project folder is ignored and tries to use public npm