Hide or disable single preference

We have created some our custom preferences and all of them are successfully visible and editable in Preferences -> Settings UI.

Is there a way to make single preference read only? Or is it possible to hide it from UI and only edit it in settings.json file?

Thank you in advance for your time


@CrixOv thank you for the discussion, there is currently no mechanism to have read-only preferences in the framework, it would need to be something you customize in your own application by extending the default behavior.

We did attempt to implement it in the past (https://github.com/eclipse-theia/theia/pull/8626) but I believe the latest status is finding a simpler way to do so.

Given that you have control over your custom preferences and do not want to make them editable, would it make more sense to simply not implement it/them as preferences?

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Hello @vince-fugnitto,
thank you for your reply, we will find a solution, we are still exploring Theia so there is a lot of new stuff ahead of us :slight_smile:

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