How are most developers using Theia?

Are developers using Theia as a VSCode replacement?
Are most using it in a browser or via electron version?

Is there another build other than the default that works best for local development?


@mcg1103 Theia is a framework to build IDE-like cloud and desktop applications, and is not a replacement to VS Code. The community uses Theia to build their own products to suit the needs of their users thanks to the architecture, extensibility and customizability of the framework. In general, the framework allows:

  • cloud or desktop setup: (electron, browser, docker images)
  • flexible and extensible architecture (easily extended, modified, no need to fork to build your custom product)
  • vendor netural (developed by a diverse community and managed by an independent open-source foundation (Eclipse Foundation))

There are many products built using Theia which cater to specific needs:

  • Gitpod
  • Eclipse Che
  • ARM Mbed Studio
  • Google Cloud Developer Tools
  • Arduino Pro IDE

To name a few.

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