How can I load a local extension while working on another extension?

I have two custom extensions I’m working on locally, let’s say: extension-a and extension-b. While working on extension b I want to load extension a to test compatibility. How would I go about doing that?

I’ve tried using npm link to link extension-a into extension-b/browser-app (while also adding it to extension-b/browser-app/package.json), but that doesn’t seem to load the extension. Is there a preferred way to do this?

@bendavis if I understand your use-case correctly, you may be looking for yarn workspaces, and you can pull your extension in extension-b/browser-app by declaring it as a dependency. If you’re not using a monorepo setup (where you have both extension under the same repo), you may want to try verdaccio which is a private local npm registry you can publish to. Else, I wonder if referring to your custom extension by file (local path) would work:

Thanks! It looks like verdaccio might be what I’m looking for right now.