How can i use VsCode "Problems" view in Theia?

I want to use VsCode “Problems” view in Theia, how can i do this?
Here it is in vs code github repository

@MoHcmp the eclipse-theia framework already has a problems-view to display diagnostic markers from language-servers and other types of integrations (ex: eslint). The vscode problems-view you referenced is not an extension that can be consumed by the plugin-system. For these reasons, I do not think it is a viable solution to attempt to use the vscode problems-view within the framework, and replace the default one the framework provides as it will require a lot of implementation, and be quite tricky.

eclipse-theia framework problems-view is hard to use, it has no diagnostic type filter, it cannot show diagnostics for selected object or object currently being edited. Are you gonna evolve current problems view?

@MoHcmp the feature is being tracked, and is currently up for anyone to implement given it is open-source.