How could we implement a graphical editor - is there an example

Hi guys,

We would like to implement a graphical editor. Show a box. Click on the box. See some properties of the box in a properties view. Change the size of the box. Save the file.

I was looking through the site along at the documentation ( , but could not find an example of a graphical editor and generally editor that is not a code editor. Is there such example? Any API for dealing with properties?


[original thread by Kiril Mitov]

[Jonas Helming]

You might want to look at GLSP (, which provides an integration with Eclipse Theia. There are also two open source examples available:
which show how to integrate graphical editors into Theia.
Both are part of the project (

Finally you an see this in action in the following video at 18:00

[Kiril Mitov]

Thanks @jhelming would look at them.


A bit less centered around graphical editing, but this could be interested as well (also based on Sprotty)

or as VSCode extension

[amiramw] could be related