How do I add a loading/initilization screen that runs before the Theia frontend loads?

I’m trying to perform some initialization tasks before the Theia frontend (the workbench,) loads. Basically, I would like to show a UI that lists a bunch of checkboxes before the workbench loads, e.g, cloning a pre-defined git repository for the user, doing some initialization of that repository, etc.

In terms of a real example, this is quite similar to the loading screen that GitPod shows while it is provisioning your containers.

Could this be done as a Theia extension (if so, what kind of *contribution would this be since the workbench is not loaded yet)? Or would I have to do this outside of Theia in a diferent enrtypoint that would ultimately call Theia’s src-gen/backend/main.js?

[original thread by Nick Chen]

it was already asked couple times :slight_smile: let me search an answer for you in spectrum history