How do I have more than just one project?

I am using the “theiaide/theia-full” and currently I can only have the “project” folder as a workspace that my volume will remember, meaning that currently I can only have one project in Theia. Is there a way to fix?

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What exactly are you trying to achieve? Are you attempting to open multiple different folders at once in a given workspace, or are simply asking how to open different projects?

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The ladder.

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It only saves that one folder. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to make folders inside that one for each project.

I’m still not sure I understand correctly but perhaps I can explain the process a bit.
When a workspace is opened (folder), the application stores the state and will restore the same workspace when restarting the application. You can open multiple folders in the history of the application which can then be switched to using the command ‘Open Recent Workspace’. The behavior regarding workspaces should be consistent with VS Code.

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@vince-fugnitto I know. But I run with -v “theia-data:/home/project:cached” and it only saves the project folder. Am I supposed to make my workspaces inside the “project” folder or is it a bug?

@xenfo I don’t see a bug, you need to properly mount what you require to the docker volume so it is accessible in your image. For example: Perhaps @marc-dumais can clarify further.

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@vince-fugnitto I want to know where I save my workspaces because it only saves in that “projects” folder. I don’t know how to explain better.

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@vince-fugnitto I’m gonna reword my question. How do I have more than just the project folder as a workspace?

You can execute the command ‘add folder to workspace’ (you can have many folders part of the same workspace, it is called a multi-root workspace similarly to vscode).

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