How do I integrate "Theia+DSL" with Sprotty for visualization?

Hi there,

I am successful in integrating my DSL language server with Theia, but now I would like to use sprotty to visualize the content.

I have gone through one example online:

It executes well, but not so clear how are these .xtend files(\diagram \launch \server) generated automatically under

I would appreciate your inputs.

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The xtend files in the respective directories are hand-written and describe how the diagram is derived from the model, how the server is configures and launched. Have you had a look at the blogpost yet?


Yes, I am referring to the steps in this article , now I am in Stage 3: Visualizing Statemachines in Diagrams
Firstly thank you very much for putting your time.
1.Are these xtend files completely handwritten, or can I automatically generate a general framework from some file, and then I can complete it.
2.If I implement these xtend files according to my own project, will I complete integrate “Theia+DSL” with Sprotty for visualization?


Sorry to bother you again.
We haven 't progressed very far in Stage 3: Visualizing Statemachines in Diagrams
We tried the approach of automatically generating language server with your ecore model and plug-ins in eclipse, and copied the digram part of your file schema, but found that it didn’t work out.
Is it related to our environment version? I use WIN 10 eclipse version: 2019-09 R (4.13.0).


Did you install all prerequisites for windows, i.e. everything that is listed in

To be honest, your request is rather unspecific. Please elaborate what doesn’t work (build, execution, user interaction etc) and provide errro messages form the logs (browser and server) if any. Can you build the example as is on your machine?