How do I override the contents and events in theia/git's changes area

I want to overwrite theia/git for Changes and Staged Changes to events and contents.
What should I do?

@vince-fugnitto Looking forward to your reply.

@Songlione thank you for the discussion, there is no need to directly ping anyone as someone who has knowledge on the subject will answer. Unfortunately the question is not actually clear to me, I’m not sure what you mean by events and contents.

*First of all, thank you for your reply.
For example, if I use theia/git to compare a non-text file that has changed, how can I listen for and modify the double-click comparison event?

Events similar to the process shown in the figure above,thanks

@Songlione I understand you want to achieve the compare like in the picture but there are a few things that are unclear:

  • what are these non-text files?
  • what do you want to compare these non-text files to?
  • are these “files” tracked by git today?
  • if they are tracked, how does git compare them?

Given your answer on the above questions, it is possible that @theia/git is not the right choice to compare, and instead you need to track these files yourself (ex: using filesystem) and perform the comparison logic yourself as well.

Thank you very much. According to your reply, I have been inspired. First, I try to modify the logic of @theia/git extension by myself to realize the file comparison I need.

Here are answers to the questions you want to know

  • Non-text files are like pictures or flowcharts
  • Compare a non-text file with a different copy of itself
  • These files can be tracked by git
  • I want to intercept the double click event to trigger my own comparison view when git tracks it

This is the way I think about it now, but I don’t know how to intercept the double click event that git traces to a changed file, or where to integrate my own comparison view