How do I put an icon to the right-sidebar (above Outline icon)? UPD: resolved

I used theia’s yeoman extension generator and created a sample react widget-based extension which puts a new icon under Explorer on the left side. But I want to 1) attach my widget to the right side and 2) open it by clicking an icon which should go above Outline sidebar icon. How do I do this?
I tried to come up with a solution by looking at outline’s code (, but couldn’t figure out.
Can anyone give a hint on this? Thank you!

[original thread by Kyrgyz NLP]

[Kyrgyz NLP]

I applied the following
defaultWidgetOptions, and it helped:

defaultWidgetOptions: {
  area: 'right',
  rank: 400

UPD: previously I reported that the above piece of code didn’t work, but I was wrong. I had to test it in a incognito window and everything went well.

[Kyrgyz NLP]