How set the width of a widget(to be opened)?

How do I open a widget to a pre-determined size? It is similiar to css width: 80vw. I couldn’t find anything related to this under defaultWidgetOptions.

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There is ApplicationShell.resize.

[Zhang Bosen]

How is the size based on? Is it based on pixels?

Edit: Nevermind, didnt see the comments above.

I am using ApplicationShell.resize but I am not able to reduce the size below 100 px

Is the 100 px minimum set for the width of widget?

@LOGAN yes I believe so. The min-width is used to ensure that all widgets are styled properly where they can at least display some content, and reflect that the view is in fact still opened and not closed or hidden.

For a comparison, we keep the views opened if the widget is resized past it’s min-width, in the case of VS Code the entire view will be hidden once the threshold is hit.