How to add git extension to my template

Hi this might seem very simple, but I have spent quiet a bit of time and thought it would be easier to ask here.

I just created a template using theia extension generator, with the plain project, I would like to add git and source code management features to this project, hence I ran npm install @theia/scm and git.
I also verified that the entries under dependencies in my package.json under Browser app exists. However I do not see the feature after building the application again.

Could someone help me out here?

@Nandish thank you for the discussion, in theory (confirmed to work locally) is to add both @theia/git and @theia/scm to your application’s package.json at the same version as other @theia extensions, rebuild, and restart.

If you do not see the feature you can try executing the command reset workbench layout, and if it still does not work you might be encountering some type of error so please check both the frontend devconsole, and backend terminal to see if there are any logs that may help.

@Nandish Note that we plan on deprecating @theia/git in favor of the corresponding vscode extensions (that provide the same features). See also here.

@msujew thanks for the info, I ll try and install VS code extension instead of theia/git.
@vince-fugnitto thanks for the help, it did work.

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