How to add views into the editor like the GitLens


I’m trying to add some views into editor like the GitLens:

But GitLens is using VS Code extension APIs.

Is there any examples or Theia API to add some views into the editor?

Hi @inlann,

have you tried download the gitlens extension from the vsx-registry view? I.e. gitlens@11.2.1? It works for me with Theia:

Sorry I didn’t explain myself. My GitLens works fine.

I’m trying to add some views to the editor, like GitLens does, to show some profiling information or assembly code for C/C++ source code.

@inlann the feature/api is known as code lens. You can write a custom plugin that uses the API in order to provide this contextual information in the editor:

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Really appreciate :wink: