How to approach debugging 'toggle-visibility is already registered'

Hi, first thanks for the quick response to my earlier thread ( Trying to figure out why explorer-view-container isn't loading after making a navigator-derived package ), just remembering to invoke the frontend debugger (via ctrl + alt + i ) helped a lot in fixing a number of issues.

An issue I’ve been encountering as I work on making a customized navigator UI (called ‘navigator-fava’) is encountering moments where my navigator-fava UI doesn’t appear when trying to open it from the View menu and getting essentially just this warning:

A command fava-explorer-view-container:toggle-visibility is already registered.

The container id is unique, and nothing else sticks out. Any idea how to approach debugging?

Program I’m working on will be open-source and branch I’m currently playing around with is GitHub - seltzered/theia-widget at navigator-fava @ this commit

Solved: Leaving this thread up in case anyone else googles into a similar issue, issue was just due to not having all my references updated. In my case it was not updating the model/decoratorservice references in the appropriate container/contribution files.