How to attend theia dev meeting?

Hello, I would like to attend dev meeting. Is it possible for me to join?
I have been using theia for a while for my personal projects.

@vinayb21 thanks for the discussion, information regarding the dev meeting including the link, time, and meeting notes are all available on the wiki page:

Anyone is free to join the meeting, and can raise points of discussion as well.

@vince-fugnitto resurrecting this thread, please. At the next meeting, are you able to raise the possibility of recording the meeting, or please table if we can have a “Zoom bot” join and record? We are located in Australia and it’s 2:00am our time. A number of team members have 2:00am/3:00am engagements in other projects and it gets a little tiring for us “down under”.

Completely respect if it’s not possible.




thank you for bringing this up. We discussed this today and came to the proposal to write meeting minutes instead of recording the full meeting. Do you think that would help you? We took minutes today, so you can check:

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Thanks Jonas for the prompt reply, I’ve read the minutes though was hoping for a little more narrative and I guess from our point of view trying to get a feel of the project beyond the technical. I’ll get one of the team to join in.



Hi Gavin,

I was one of the people arguing for taking notes instead of recording video. My thinking was that it’s easier to consume minutes (takes minutes ;-)) than watching an hour long meeting. It would be interesting to hear (aka read) your thoughts on that.

Hi @tsmaeder, from our perspective, we are relatively new to Theia and the team is finding it hard to find documentation and examples. I guess we are hoping to pick up things from general conversation that we would investigate.

I find minutes are generally concise versions of the meeting.

As a suggestion, I’m happy to sponsor a year’s subscription of Otter to assist in meeting notes and transcriptions (integrated with Zoom).



Hi Gavin,

thank you for the feedback! I can bring up whether using a tool like Otter would be an option. I think the main two reasons to suggest taken minute meetings were

  1. As Thomas mentioned we believe it is easier to consume
  2. To be GDPR compliant without requiring consensus from any participants I do not know whether we need consensus for a tool like Otter, a quick research let’ me think it might pose issues. This is especially true because we allow anybody to join even anonymously

I fully understand your goal to pick up things from the general conversations. However, I am not 100% sure if a Dev Meeting video will be helpful for you. We mainly discuss topics around the development process, refactorings and specific PRs. Most of the time, topics are only initially covered in the meeting, the main discussion the happen on PRs or tickets which we always link in the agenda.
I want to avoid that we spend effort in establishing a solution that does not fulfill the purpose you expect from it.

It is often very helpful for new comers to join the dev meeting but rather if they bring topics to the agenda.

Maybe it would be helpful to have a quick chat about your needs in terms of documentation, examples and also about the dev meeting. I could offer to jump on a call, as I am located in Germany, we have an overlapping time zone I guess. If you are interested, please drop me a mail:

Best regrds,