How to block theia output DockPanel-widget drag to other panel

Seems the Output window is draggable which makes collapse the other components in the window.
Is there any option available to disable the output tab drag and drop or required any new implementation to do that?

@sathiskumar thank you for the discussion, there is no option to turn off drag and drop for individual views or for the whole framework. You will need to implement a custom extension which modifies the default behavior provided by the framework to turn it off, similarly to the related question: Turn Off docking abilities.

@vince-fugnitto Thanks for your reply. Could you please add some code snippets related to change the dockpanel-widget drag option disable would be much helpful to begin the extension. Thanks!

@sathiskumar unfortunately I do not have the time at the moment to be able to create code snippets related to the change (implementing the snippet would likely result in implementing the whole change).

My advice would be to try and understand the different dnd events that are happening (mainly in @theia/core), and see what might be needed to fulfill your use-case.

The idea is to:

  • create a custom theia extension (following the guide I mentioned earlier which references the generator to bootstrap everything for you).
  • see what needs to be re-implemented or extended by your custom logic, and implement it in your extension.
  • rebind your implementation (overriding the default) through dependency injection.