How to build an ide using theia

I want to build an IDE that suits my needs and want to use theia. I am not sure
how to get started with that. Is there any blog/video/anything that can help me
with getting started to building something on top of theia, please tell me.

Thank you

[original thread by Mohit Gupta]

[Abhishek Chakraborty]

[Mohit Gupta]

Thank you @abhishek-chakraborty
Checking this out

[Mohit Gupta]

@abhishek-chakraborty Followed it
Realized that @theia/core is a black box
So the community works with theia like that only or is there a better way

@solotraveller please have a look at:

We might be able to help better and point you in the right direction if we further understand your use-case(s), and goals for your own IDE.

[Mohit Gupta]

[Mohit Gupta]

@vince-fugnitto Editor looks like this currently.
I want to be able to

  • remove any existing functionality

  • remove any existing menu or submenu

  • add a new horizontal div (just like sidebar) right below the menu bar, want to add some button there

[Mohit Gupta]

@vince-fugnitto Based on my understading uptil now, I think theia ships components as extensions (which are npm packages) and we cannot edit the packages to make edits because that would mean authoring and maintaining a new package for every change.

Am I right?

I don’t think ship is the correct word. Theia is a framework, and allows application developers to compose applications based on APIs and extensions maintained in the main repository. If an extension meets your needs but needs to be modified then the idea is to create a new extension which extends the base functionality or re-implements it. I’d advise against directly modifying an existing extension as there will always need to be uplifts to catch up to the latest version.