How to build ffmpeg using electron

I download all four linux ffmpegs from my version electron Release electron v15.5.7 · electron/electron · GitHub

all of them get ERR_DLOPEN_FAILED

so I think I need to download ffmpeg source code and build the ‘’ file in my linux system. but I do not know how to build ffmpeg with specified version electron. It seem that ffmpeg should be build with certern version electron then can be used in theia application.

Hey @wss, I believe the libffmpeg version should be distributed with the electron or @theia/ffmpeg package already. No need to build it yourself. I’m wondering, are you on a 32-bit machine? I’m not sure whether we support that anymore. @paul-marechal any idea?

My linux system is 64bit,aarch64, ubuntu. my application is based on theia blueprint. I do not understand why this error appears. I download ‘’ file manually from the above electron link and try four of them, but all gave errors. it seems that the application can not open the ‘’ file. this is the last step before my application can run on Linux, I do not want to stop here. so thanks greatly for any ideas