How to build vscode builtin extensions with Node 10?

Recently Jacques and I have been playing with vscode builtin extensions such as grunt, gulp, npm, and jake to achieve the compatibility.

We built extensions from source available at And this morning we noticed that, some extensions, such as gulp, did not build any more since we moved to Node 10.

As vscode uses Node 10 since Feb (i.e.,, we thought using Node 10 on the latest released version of code would work. So, we updated vscode-builtin-extensions/vscode to 1.33.0 as a submodule and rebuilt, but it still failed.

[11:54:23] Using gulpfile ~/dev/vscode-builtin-extensions/vscode/gulpfile.js
[11:54:23] Task never defined: compile-extensions-build
[11:54:23] To list available tasks, try running: gulp --tasks
error Command failed with exit code 1.

@anton-kosyakov is there a way to get around this error? Thanks !

[original thread by Liang]

please file an issue, i can have a look at it after sorting out failure for theia-apps images


sure. thanks !

We need to upgrade to latest stable vscode them, the old extensions cannot be built with Node 8.

I’ve fixed it.

I’ve enabled Gitpod prebuilts for master branch, so you don’t need to wait 7 mins each time, just open and download.


works now. thank you for your help !