How to change the WebviewExternalEndpoint in my own project?

I can not open the webview successfully and I try to change the weview url, exactly the enternalEndpoint to solve it.The defaultPattern is ‘{{uuid}}.webview.{{hostname}}’. How can I change it as ‘{{hostname}}’ or any pattern in my project. Should I set an env or bind a contribution.Wish to get help.

@Darya The pattern is controlled via an environment variable THEIA_WEBVIEW_ENDPOINT_PATTERN, see also the corresponding readme.

Thanks for your reply.It’s really helpful~~~. I can change the endpoint by add THEIA_WEBVIEW_ENDPOINT_PATTERN to process.env,and set the value I want.Do I understand correctly?

Yes, you can either change the process.env or set the variable in your cloud deployment directly (which is probably the preferred way, as it’s more flexible).