How to change ~/.theia folder to ~/.customtheia folder

Hi, is there a way to change the configuration directory?
change ~/.theia folder to ~/.customtheia folder.

If multiple theia based software is installed, the configuration file will be messed up.

@kaizhi thank you for the discussion, you can follow the example from theia-blueprint which changes the configuration folder from .theia to .theia-blueprint:

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Thanks. :grinning:

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Thanks @vince-fugnitto! This works fine for changing the global settings directory in the users home dir. But how would we change the workspace specific settings folder that is created in the root of the current workspace? Strangely, I can not find any other occurence of ‘.theia’ anywhere in the code base.

@cradke you’ll likely want to modify the following method, to point towards your custom configuration folder name in a given workspace:

This worked nicely. Thank you very much!